Does your non-profit website hit all four of these marks?

All this week, I've been giving some tips for non-profits over on my Facebook page. In case you missed them, here are the first three:

tip #1
tip #2
tip #3
tip 4- call to action

These may seem to be oversimplified but in my experience, non-profits are missing the mark on many of these areas. They are speaking jargon, losing readers because of too much text, and forgetting the really simple content that matters. The good news is that all of these tips are very easy to implement, whether it means doing some editing on the current website or making a plan to launch a new one! 

Tip #4 might be the most important of all. Without this one, your website visitor can be informed but their engagement will stop when they leave your page and they might not come back. 

Without a call-to-action, your website visitor doesn't know what you need. And, one is never enough! Make sure every page of your site has some type of call-to-action and also provides a link back to the homepage to keep them exploring!

Some really easy call-to-action ideas include:

  • Ask readers to visit you on your social media sites (don't forget to link them directly to the page)
  • Share three easy ways the reader can volunteer for your cause (bonus: show a volunteer in action!)
  • Direct readers to give online and ensure you're using a secure payment processor that instills confidence
  • Provide "social sharing links" so readers can share your website content on their own Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest sites

I hope these four tips will get you thinking about your own non-profit website and how you can better use this amazing tool to help you grow your donor base, recruit volunteers, and increase your impact. Need some help getting started? Send me a message and we can do a free, website evaluation! 

Come back next week to see my small business tips and be sure to share this post with a friend! 

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