Why your email address matters

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When it comes to making first impressions, we cannot overlook the importance of an email address. Just the other day, I was scouting out a job opportunity for a friend and went to email a local business. The email address was xyz@roadrunner.com

Wait. Roadrunner? Does that still exist? The email wasn't returned so I assume that it does. And while this small business did have a web presence, the email address didn't reflect it at all. It definitely gave me pause. Do they not know how to set up email? Do I have the correct email address? Can I trust this business? 

A professional, branded email address can do several things for your business or organization (non-profits are not excluded, here). For potential customers or donors, it...

  • Shows that you are established. 
  • Builds trust.
  • einforces your web presence and advertises your website for you

So what if you don't have a website? (I can't leave that there without saying that you should!) You can still have a professional email address that matches your brand. Google's G-Suite app offers a multitude of options at really affordable prices. 

And if you do have a website, then it's incredibly easy to add on a domain name email address, also using G-Suite or other similar products. 

Don't overlook this critical piece of making a great first impression!