How a new website can change a life

Kiva investment

When I started One Nine Design, I did so with the belief that even something as simple as creating a new website could be a blessing to someone. My niche from the very beginning has been non-profits and small-businesses -- those who need a professional online presence but can't afford to spend thousands of dollars trying to achieve it. 

One of the primary ways I give back to the non-profit community is by keeping my rates low. Even though the demand for services is high, I've promised myself and this community to not forget why I started this business in the first place. 

But in the last few months, I started researching ways I could do something more. It started by being a sponsor of the LaunchPad event (a local version of the popular show SharkTank). Then, I listened to several podcasts about ways to incorporate social good into your business. Before long, I was making long lists of ideas, pros, cons and possible organizations to partner with. 

The final plan? Invest a portion of every dollar earned through One Nine Design into offering a loan to an applicant via Kiva. My hope is that as I share this journey with others (clients, friends, etc.) several people will join me since this platform follows a crowd-funding model. If nothing else, my prayer is that someone will be inspired to give back, even a little, to be part of something bigger than themselves. 

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