Learn which emails you need to send and when to send them this holiday season!

Well somehow, November is tomorrow and the holidays are upon us. We’ve eaten all of our kids’ Halloween candy (not just me, right?) and the process of trying to focus on Thanksgiving when Christmas is everywhere is a real struggle.

The other thing that really starts to ramp up now are the emails in your inbox! If you’re a small business or nonprofit and you’re not already on top of your email strategy, it’s not too late but it’s time to jump into high gear and get it done!

If anyone has told you that email is dead and all you need is social media, you’ve been duped! Email is alive and well and when used strategically, your emails can turn into real dollars for your small shop or nonprofit - quick.

After a recent consumer survey was conducted by a nationally known marketing firm, these statistics were shared:

  • 72% prefer email over postal mail, TV ads, newspapers, magazines, text messages, social media, and in-person communication

  • 91% like to receive promotional emails from companies with which they have a relationship.

  • 69% of the respondents made purchases influenced by promotional emails

I know it can seem overwhelming to add one more marketing effort to your plate. You’re probably already working on social media content, maybe using traditional advertising, and hopefully keeping that website updated, too! So now I want you to add email?

Yes! I do. And here’s why. If someone is on your email list, they have already expressed interest in what you offer or sell. They are a warm lead, as we say in the biz. When your specific and targeted message lands in their inbox, they are listening. And when you speak directly to them about their interests, your chances of turning that email into a gift for your organization or a customer through your doors are pretty dang good.

But I don’t have a big email list.

Here’s a secret. Me neither. I’m still building mine every day but I still send the emails. It’s still working, albeit on a smaller scale. We have to start somewhere.

There are so many email providers. I don’t know which one to choose.

You’re right. There are some great products out there and choosing one can be confusing. I recommend MailChimp since it’s extremely user-friendly and free up to 2,000 subscribers. But don’t let choosing one hold you back. Dive in!

What do I say in the emails? I’m not a good writer.

Well, I’m glad you asked! I just hosted a Facebook Live over on my Facebook page (hop on over there to watch the replay if you’d like) and offered a free download all about which emails you need to send and when to send them!

If you’re ready to get serious about your holiday email marketing, you need these guides! Get yours right now by completing the short form below and it will land in your inbox, like magic!

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Maybe this all sounds really great but you’re still feeling overwhelmed on getting started? I thought that might be the case for some so I’m launching a brand-new service in January that will help you with step-by-step advice and coaching on getting an email marketing plan in place for 2019! Plus, I’ll be offering my first online course, too!

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I hope you’ll download my free guides to get you through the holiday season and then join me in January to start staying on top of your email marketing all year long!

Now, back to trying to avoid the Christmas madness while I plan my November focused on Thanksgiving and gratitude!

Get out there and make a great first impression!


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