Integrating Instagram into your website

Integrating Instagram on your website.png

We're all working hard to keep our social media channels updated with relevant, engaging content. But all that work doesn't have to just live on your social media platforms. It's more important than ever to integrate that great content into your website, too! 

Just like we load up our website with great content that we can push to our Facebook or Instagram pages, we can also take those beautiful photos we're posting on Instagram and integrate them into our website, as well. 

And, if you're already a Squarespace user, you're in luck because the platform makes it so easy to integrate not only your own Instagram feed onto your website, but also......

Well, just watch the videos below to find out how this great tool can add some great content to your website! 

Part One - Why we integrate and who should be using this feature!

Part Two - a live demo of incorporating your Instagram feed on your website plus a nice little extra feature (hint: it's about hashtags)

A live demonstration of how to integrate your Instagram feed into your Squarespace website and a great new feature -- integrating a hashtag campaign!

Try it out and send me a link so I can see, too! And come back later this week to find out one more Instagram tip! Here's a hint below: 

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