15 ways to start a social media post and 2 words to stop using right now

We've all been there. We're staring at that little box asking us "what's on your mind" and we just need to make the post and get on with our day. Sure, we *know* we're supposed to have a content calendar where we've meticulously planned out what we're going to post about, what photo we want to use, and an extremely clever post that is sure to skyrocket engagement and go viral.

Buuuuuuttttt.....let's get realistic a minute. It just doesn't happen that way sometimes. (Goals are good, keep trying). So we do it. We start the post with two words that are just...well, overused. 

We're excited. 

Blah. I cannot count the number of times I read those two words on a Facebook post and just keep scrolling. Are you really excited? Maybe you are. But there are better ways to start your post that will keep people reading and hopefully inspire them to click that like button, share the post, or even leave a comment. 

Ready for them? Here they are! 15 better ways to start a social media post. 

1. Tell us
2. How did we
3. Would you consider
4. You'll be surprised to know
5. We were inspired
6. From (blank) to (blank), we're working to
7. I bet you had no idea
8. Can you imagine
9. When you think of
10. We're doing the happy dance because
11. What exactly comes to mind when
12. Our hearts were broken when
13. Take a deep breath. We're making incredible progress on
14. We hear you're concerned about
15. It's true. We've been 

Try these out and see how they work. And promise me....no "we're excited" posts this week! You can download a PDF of this list over on my Freebie page, too! Print it out, stick in your social media folder, and get posting. 

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