What's saving my life right now: Part 1

Saving my life 1.png


Millions of people have now made New Year's resolutions in nearly every category of life and this week, many are finding out the same thing I am -- change is hard. We make promises to ourselves and maybe to others to do more, be more, learn more, change more and it can get overwhelming. 

That's why I'm starting this four-part blog series called What's saving my life right now. If we can learn to use great tools to help us meet those resolutions, then I say why not? I'll tackle four categories in this series:

1. Technology
2. Fitness
3. Faith
4. Personal Growth

While this is a little outside the box for my standard blog topics, I think it can be relevant to any small business owner, non-profit leader, or those seeking to start in either of these areas. So let's dive in! 

Technology. Ah, love it or hate? I experience both on the same day, or heck, the same hour sometimes. It was designed to make our lives easier and yet it has, in some areas, done more harm than good. But, I think it's completely within our control to use the technology we have for good! So here are some of the technology tools that are saving my life right now!

  • Google Docs/Sheets. This has been around forever I think but I've only embraced it in the last year or so. While the apps are somewhat limited in their function, they can be a perfect solution for someone who works on the go a lot, like I do. They have added the ability to use folders which I set up for each client. Because I work on a Mac but have many clients that use PC, I often create simple documents in Google Docs so that they are already in Word format. I can easily share them with clients, or download in a PDF as well. I also use Google Sheets to set up my social media content calendars and share those with clients as well so they can see the schedule one month a time. It's a great tool and offers many solutions! 


  • Dropbox. This one was a no-brainer. My husband and I use Dropbox to share files and as an online backup tool. I downloaded the app on my phone and that has been great to access documents quickly while I'm out meeting with clients, too. The free version offers a decent amount of storage, as well! 


  • Adobe Illustrator. I spent a considerable amount of money and time last year to invest in the Adobe suite of products. While free tools like Canva and Spark are great, they are very limited when it comes to graphic design. I've committed to offering my clients high-quality graphics that are unique and designed to re-produce well no matter how large they are printed or displayed so these tools have been invaluable in making that happen. While the full suite of products can be intimidating, I chose to take them one at a time and really deep dive into each product. I've learned to love Illustrator, and I'm continually impressed with all of the integration options. There's a cloud version that is affordable and their online help is great. I highly recommend checking it out if design work is a part of your normal routine. 


  • Nimbus. When I launch a new client website, I also add a variety of screen recordings to show them how to make common updates to their website. This feature has been very popular and it's so easy to do with Nimbus. I started this using Loom which I did love, but I found the video quality to be quite lacking. I like Nimbus' integration with Google Chrome (my preferred browser) and it's very easy to use! I download all the videos and upload them to my YouTube Channel, as well as adding them as an internal page on the client's website.

Nimbus (Google Chrome Add-on)

  • Squarespace. I've saved the best for last. When I launched One Nine Design last year, I decided to work exclusively with Squarespace. I have experience with many other platforms and while each offers something unique and all of them have pros and cons, I have found Squarespace to be the best fit for my client niche. The platform is incredibly easy to learn, offers amazing support, and has been used to create over one million websites. This one deserves a post of its own which I'm adding to my blog to-do list! 


I think I could add 3-5 more but I'll stop there! I'm so looking forward to sharing with you about the three other categories and I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment and let me know what's saving your life in Technology right now! And come back next week to read about what's saving my life in Fitness!