Why Year-end Fundraising Starts Now

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The comment came, just as I expected..."You're a web designer. Why are you giving fundraising tips?" Ahhh yes, the boxes designers get placed into are quite neat and tidy, aren't they? The assumption is that if you are a web designer, then you live and breathe design and code and just make things look pretty. 

Well, that's simply not me. You see, I'm a veteran fundraiser turned entrepreneur who started turning this industry upside down 18 months ago and it's my favorite part of the job. I take those years and years of fundraising experience (mixed with some advertising, design, business, and journalism) and give them a good shake up! The result? Websites that are designed with the end goal of raising dollars and raising friends in mind. So excuse me if I just can't help myself in continuing to try and help the nonprofits I know could use a little friendly advice from someone who has been in the trenches.

You see, it's been ingrained in me that September = starting the year-end fundraising campaign. It's like how I know to pull out my knee-high boots at the first sign of a chilly fall morning  - it just happens automatically! 

So, I created this four-page year-end fundraising resource: part planning and part checklist to get nonprofit leaders thinking about what they want to accomplish this December and the seemingly small but oh so important steps that need to happen months earlier than the ask. 

If you're interested in grabbing this free resource and setting the stage for your best year-end campaign yet, I'd love to send it your way! Simply hop on over to my Freebie page and let me know where to send it! 

And please, by all means, stop back by here or my Facebook page and let me know what you think! Better yet, check in with me later this fall and ask a question or two. Most of all, I hope you'll let me know how your campaign goes this December so I can celebrate along with you! Nonprofit work is tireless and selfless and leaders do not take nearly the time they should to stop and celebrate the impact they are making every single day. I'll be happy to be a cheerleader for you on the sidelines! 

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