Schedule a Discovery Call

You have questions. You’re not sure you are ready for a new website? You want advice on how fall in love with your current website again? You might need a new logo or help with your email campaign? These are big questions and we need to talk them through. That’s the perfect reason to schedule a discovery call. What is it?

  • A 50-minute phone call where you get to tell me what it is you think you want or need.

  • We’ll talk through your (potential) project and figure out what it is you really do need…and when you need it.

  • We’ll figure out (together) if One Nine Design is right for you. I only take one or two clients a month and I do not take every project that comes to me. I ensure that the client is a good fit for my mission and that I’m the right fit for you!

  • At the end of the call, we’ll talk about next steps, whether or not a proposal is needed, and things like budgets and timelines.

Sound good? I take a few discovery calls each week and you can schedule them online. Just hop on over to my Scheduling Page and choose a time that works for you! I look forward to talking with you soon!

Please note that my first available time slot for new website projects is January 2020 — 2019 is officially booked!
Plan ahead! Schedule a discovery call today and find out how to book your time slot!