Do you want the secret to sending emails that make donors want to donate and customers ready to shop?

With my free, 5-day mini course, you'll be equipped to start sending emails that actually work!  In just five days, I’ll walk you through the five essential steps that will help everyone create and send emails that turn visitors into customers and followers into donors.

This free mini course begins in…

  • Days
  • Hours
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  • Let me guess…getting emails out to your people has been on your to-do list for months and it just never seems to happen? I get it. That’s why I’ve done the work to take all the things out there in internet-land and simplify them for you!

    Together, we’ll learn:

    • An understanding of why email must be a part of an overall communication strategy & why knowing how emails make us feel is important

    • A basic idea of who you need to email and how to get those elusive email addresses

    • How to write emails that move readers to take action and steer clear of that unsubscribe button

    • A reasonable schedule of when to send emails so that they get opened

    • How to know if your efforts are working and understand which measurements really matter

    This free course is great for beginners, those who want to improve their email marketing efforts, or those who are already using email often but think there might be room to improve!

    Who is this course designed for?

    ✔️ Nonprofit directors and those responsible for fundraising or outreach
    ✔️ Small business owners
    ✔️ Anyone working within a MLM program/structure
    ✔️ Volunteers leading groups like parent teacher associations, sports leagues, etc.
    ✔️Bloggers, freelancers, and anyone trying to build a business or turn their passion into profits

    In just five days, you’re going to feel confident when you hit that Send button and discover how using email to communicate with your customers and donors can open up all new possibilities!

    How does this course work?

    • Once you sign up, you’ll receive a welcome email that includes a password to the course homepage, along with all of the topics we will cover.

    • Each day, beginning January 14th, you’ll receive a short email with a link to the course homepage where you can view that day’s lesson. The course page is mobile-friendly so you can even watch/read right from your smartphone. Each day will also include a 5-minute task to help you plan to send your next email!

    • Worried about making time for each day’s lesson? No worries! The course homepage will be available through January 31st and you can go back and catch up anytime.

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    Andrea shirey, course creator

    Too often, I see nonprofits and small businesses compromising on what's really important because of limited resources - either time, money or both. One Nine Design was created to help "the small shop" find the balance between professional branding and breaking the budget.