Nonprofit Email Opt-In Ideas

Give your audience a reason to subscribe to your email list! Start with any of these opt-in ideas and you’ll be set to grow your email list more than ever before! With just a few more weeks before the giving season begins, this is the perfect time to start growing your email list.

Download the free resource: Nonprofit Opt-In Ideas

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Once you receive the download in your inbox, follow these easy steps to get started:

  1. Choose an idea from the Nonprofit Opt-In Ideas guide

  2. Create your free download (don’t forget to give it the look and feel of your nonprofit brand)

  3. Create an email list and set an auto-responder to send the free download as soon as someone subscribes! (Not using an email platform that includes this feature? That’s okay! You can manually reply with the download, too.)

  4. Cultivate that email list with relevant information and prime them to receive an email ask later this year

Need help designing your own free download? I offer pre-made templates that are easy to customize and save you valuable time! Email me at to find out more.