SEO Strategy Package

Does Google know you exist?

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A great website is great unless no one can find it! With every Google search resulting in millions of pages, it’s more important than ever to make sure your website is landing on page one! Great SEO is made up of many moving parts and most businesses and nonprofits just need a little coaching to better understand how it all works. Did you know it matters what you name your website pages? Or, that by naming your images strategically, Google can seriously bump you ahead of others posting similar type images?

If you’re tired of being overlooked or seeing your competitors ahead of you in the Google game, an SEO strategy package may be right for you!

SEO Strategy Packages include:

✓ A planning call to talk through your specific situation, understand your goals and challenges, and map out a plan

✓ An actionable SEO audit of your existing website and recommendations for improving your site’s visibility. This includes but is not limited to page title descriptions, url-slug reviews, image reviews, blogging strategies, and more.

✓ Keyword research for your specific target audience and specific strategies to incorporate those keywords-friendly phrases into your website and social media presence.

✓ Plus, advice on using other free tools to help you with even more visibilities. And, you don’t have to have a Squarespace site…though, if you do, I’ll be able to offer even more tips and tricks!

✓ A maximum of two hours of training (in person or via Skype) to help you understand your next right step and answer any and all questions you have about using analytics to measure your site’s performance and grow your impact

✓ A 30-day and 60-day follow-up to see how things are going

If you’re ready to start improving your website traffic, gaining more clients, or increasing your donations, schedule an SEO strategy package for 2019!


  • Time: You must be willing to invest your time in the strategy component of this service. These sessions will require your time to complete prep work ahead of the session and time to implement the plans we create. I anticipate an investment of 3-4 total hours during this process, spread over the course of two weeks.

  • Money: The cost for a personalized, SEO strategy package (including all of the services listed above) is $399. (Payment plans are available for nonprofits. Additional charges for mileage may occur for clients outside of a reasonable travel distance.)

Think about it: What if one brand-new client found you each week and became a regular customer? What if one donor added you to his/her charity list and started making regular donations? By making the investment now into a strategy that works, you’ll see the impact of your investment in less time than you think!

To get started on your SEO strategy package, schedule a Discovery Call to make sure this service is right for you!