Website Audits - a road map to making your website thrive!

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Sometimes you need to figure out if you even need a new website before making that leap! Building a new website is a major investment and it's possible, you just need a really clear roadmap to fix your current website and start turning those website visitors into paying customers or donors. That's why an audit is such a fantastic tool and can possibly save you thousands of dollars! 

Here's a little note I received from a happy audit customer!

"I was stunned when I received the audit report from One Nine Design. I had no idea how many ways we could improve our current website with little or no outside help. Within just a few days, our traffic increased and we have a new excitement for how much our website can help our business!"


You'll receive a comprehensive website audit that covers an analysis and suggestions for improvement on the following areas, at a minimum:

  • Branding, including logo usage, color, typography, and tone of voice

  • Design, including mobile-responsiveness and content organization

  • User experience, including navigation, readability, and compatibility

  • Content and messaging

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Social media and email marketing integration

Plus, we'll make sure you understand the key components of your website -- where it's hosted, how to make edits, and what to do if your website is ever down! 

After the audit has been completed, your audit results will be emailed to you, and we'll spend 60-90 minutes over the phone discussing the audit and giving you practical ways you can immediately improve your website. If it's determined that you do, in fact, need a new website, we'll walk through your options and figure out the best type of website for your organization or business and how to make that happen on your budget! 


Website audits slots are available now for just $99.99! To get started, contact me today and let's get your website working for you!