Perspective and Passion

I'm working with a new client on a massive overhaul - from infrastructure to marketing and fundraising and staffing. It's exciting to see a non-profit with the desire to grow their impact and deliver on their mission, and I'm humbled to walk alongside them and help lead the efforts. It has re-ignited a passion in their team and let's be honest - in me. 

While a complete restructuring might not be what you need, every non-profit director can bring that kind of passion to what they do. Choose an area of growth and dive in. Refresh your marketing materials or website. Talk to clients and remind yourself of why you do what you do. Step back and evaluate your board structure, your team, or your programs. When we choose to zoom in on one area, we can make a significant transformation which just may lead to new donors, new clients, or even both. 

When we get a little perspective and mix it with passion, great things can happen!

Perhaps the most important page of the non-profit website - call to action!