Is your website actually helpful?

face palm

Tell me you’ve been there…you go to a website looking for something specific. Maybe it’s a customer service number. Maybe an email or address or even the business hours. And nada. You can’t find the most basic information, leaving you helpless (or okay, maybe not helpless but frustrated and left to actually call the place!).

This is more common than you might think. Why? Because businesses get so focused on their site being flashy, they forget it needs to be useful. Many are probably not asking the right people to review the site, instead depending on employees who know the business well instead of an outsider that can give a more diverse perspective.

Non-profits are not off the hook here, either. In a quick survey of five sites, three lacked a clear path for me to contact someone in charge. One site I visited had three broken links on my way to the staff page. These problems are easily fixed but require a certain amount of attention to the site on a regular basis.

Take some time and do a check of your current site. Ask someone who is outside of your organization to visit your site and give you an honest opinion. And then use that information to improve your site.  Try to imagine yourself as a donor, or potential customer, and see how many clicks it takes you to find what you need. If it’s more than one or two, your site needs an update.

If you decide it’s time for a site refresh and a new look, let me know! Or, if you’d like a complete assessment of your current site and recommendations on a fresh new look, I’m happy to help!