My number one piece of advice for your website

We’ve all done it. We’ve rushed to get something on our website. We’ve added an event with the wrong date, posted a blog with a broken link, or even created a new page without having someone else edit it first. It happens. But it shouldn’t.

We need to think of our website as an equal to a marketing piece we’d spend thousands of dollars to print. Just because it’s easy to edit and quick to publish doesn’t mean we should neglect a thorough editing process and sacrifice the quality of information we want to share.  

My number one piece of advice for your website? Ask a friend, colleague or someone you trust to review everything you plan to print or publish. Yes, this requires working ahead but trust me, it’s worth it.

This is on my mind as I visited the website of a local business today and saw the following on their “About” page

screenshot place holder text

I won’t call them out here publicly but I had to take a deep breath. That text…that’s placeholder text that anyone in the marketing world has used before. But obviously, it’s not intended to be used publicly. While this didn’t completely change my mind about this business, it did give me pause. Do they have attention to detail in other parts of their business? If I wanted to use their services, would it be given the right amount of thought and consideration? Would my products turn out correctly? 

Like it or not, anything that you share publicly for your business or non-profit gives an impression. Make sure yours is a good one.