Three ways to have better content on your website

better content

I want to update my website but I don't know what to write. Can you help me? This might be the number one request I've received lately.

For someone who loves to write, this seems to always take me by surprise. My biggest issue is making sure I don't write too much on my website. But I understand that not everyone loves to write. If it doesn't come naturally to you, here are a few tips:

1. Pretend like you're having a conversation with a friend. This friend has just asked you what you do, or why you started your business, or how to find your products. What do you tell them? That's what you write on your website. You take out all the fancy jargon and the stress of making it sound perfect. Just write what you would say to your friend. Then....go back and edit it. Fix the grammar, correct the spelling mistakes (remember, it's never too late to edit), and now you've got a great start on some new content.

2. Look for similar sites to yours and get a feeling for what they are sharing. Hear me -- do not copy it. But, there's nothing wrong with getting a sense of what others tend to share and using that to inspire some original thoughts of your own. 

3. Start in the middle. Sometimes people get hung up on how to start the sentence or paragraph, or how to transition between topics. Just start writing. Open a Word document, or the notes app on your phone, and just write about what you do, what you sell, why you do it, what you want your customers to know, etc. 

Before long, you'll have plenty of content to choose from. Then, you can start arranging it in an order that makes sense and figure out what goes first. 

Not many people choose to start a business because they write well. However, all of us must figure out how to best communicate what we do to our audiences. Hopefully, by following a few of these tips, you'll see your writing improve and you'll be well on your way to a more effective website.