Before and after: A look at my latest non-profit website launch

Before and After - Rotary launch.png

As a former Rotarian, I was thrilled to be asked to design a brand-new website for the Rotary Club of Belpre, OH. Add in that the project manager was a friend and past member of the board of directors in my previous position, and I was sold! 

This was their previous website:

Belpre Rotary site before.png

They were doing the best they could with the tools they had, and the site was set up in a blog format. As you can see, the site was not mobile-responsive and the design lacked good navigation structure, appealing photos, and compelling content that would entice future members to consider joining.

This is the after:

Belpre Rotary club website after.png

A few features of the site include:

  • Clean navigation with a long-scrolling home page that includes links to the what we believe will be the most viewed pages -- meeting schedule and club impact. 
  • Compelling images that tell the viewer, through a visual story, that the Club is civic-minded and fun.
  • Testimonials that deliver a first-hand view of the Club and what membership might mean to someone new.
  • Easy to find contact information in the site-wide footer.
  • Clear and concise calendar which allows the Club to inform viewers of the upcoming meeting speakers and learn about them prior to the meeting. 

The new website also features an entire page dedicated to the Club's major fundraiser, its annual Golf Tournament. The new website will now be an outreach tool to attract returning and new sponsors and deliver needed information in a more efficient fashion (simply by being able to download forms, rules, etc.). With Squarespace's robust analytics, Club leaders can also communicate the value of their sponsorship with hard data (i.e. 500 people have viewed the page where your business logo is located and 250 have followed a link to your business' website).

The last thing I want to highlight is how the website was designed to be low-maintenance without sacrificing the power of SEO at the same time. For this 100% volunteer-led group, having one person to update the website daily or even weekly just isn't feasible. So to ensure their SEO wouldn't suffer by having a stagnant website, it was designed so that volunteers could make small, easy changes on their own terms (i.e. not having to pay a designer to update it each time). They can add an announcement bar, new calendar events, and quickly change out content in just a few minutes! This is a win-win for a non-profit with a relatively small budget!

Let me know what you think about the site in the comments below! And please do check out the full website at