How to quickly add a box around text in Canva

Creating graphics for blogs, social media, or your website can be exhausting and often time-consuming. But, to elevate your brand and ensure the appearance of your small business or non-profit is professional, great graphics are a must! 

While most designers prefer software like Adobe Illustrator, using an online solution like Canva is perfectly fine for smaller projects. And while Canva does make it easy to find templates to customize, there are a few features it's missing! 

One of those is this little trick...adding a box around text. There are plenty of square elements available but spending time to get it just right...well, it's no longer necessary. This quick little keyboard shortcut is all you need! 

Here's a quick little video explaining this little Canva trick that can take your next design up a notch! 

Now, go try this out and let me know what you create! Would you be interested in more Canva tips? If so, follow me over on my Facebook page! 

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