Are you ready for these Squarespace changes?

“Nobody likes change.” This quote probably didn’t originate on the episode of Friends that comes to mind every time I hear it but I laugh every time I think about how Ross Gellar was at a loss for words when Rachel was asking him about how he liked the um, activities, he had with another woman!

Anyway, whether or not you like change or are a little resistant to it, Squarespace has a few changes coming your way, effective November 1st. There’s good and bad news to this.

The good news is that I’ve had the changes now for a little over a week and they are not bad at all. They are simply rearranging some of the menu items to make them easier to find and in a more logical place.

The bad news is that some of the instructions you’ve received from me in the past (like your customized training guide) might need a little adjusting since menu items are moving around.

Squarespace has this nice little chart to show you where menu items will be moved so I suggest bookmarking this post and referring back to this chart if you get stuck.

Squarespace menu changes.png

Some of the most common menu items I think One Nine Design clients will notice are:

  • The announcement bar is now under Marketing (where it should have been all along!)

  • Donation Confirmation is now under Commerce > Customer Notifications

  • SEO is now under Marketing instead of under Settings

  • Template is now under Design > Advanced (always use caution if you are going to switch templates and reach out to me if you need any help!)

Overall, I think you’ll be pleased with the changes you notice and oblivious to menu items you didn’t really use before anyway. As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to me!

My first post over on Instagram.

My first post over on Instagram.

And…one more thing! I've been trying for months to find an Instagram feed for small businesses to follow that's full of motivation, inspiration, and not centered on how I can make more money. I just couldn't find it so guess what? One Nine Design is now on Instagram and that's just what you're going to find on my feed. I'm hoping to stop the scroll for just a minute and give people a dose of what I find I'd like to read: how I can keep loving the life of running a small business, keep helping people, and inspire someone else, too.

Care to follow along? Follow the link here to check out my feed and I hope you decide to follow along:

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