What's saving my life right now: Part 2 (Fitness)

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If you didn't make a fitness related New Year's resolution, you are in the minority for sure. It seems like everywhere I've looked, read, and listened, I find tips and tricks to every possible weight-loss solution. The truth is, I used to read them all. I have struggled with weight issues since college and I was a sucker for every shortcut out there. 

Shakes? Tried that. Eating only cereal? Yep. Silly enough to do that one, too. Weight-watchers took every dime of my disposable income one year and I ended up heavier than when I started. One year I thought Curves was going to fix all my problems and I worked out with ladies twice my age several days a week. It was entertaining but never got me to the heart of my issue -- why I wanted to be thin and the realization that fitness was a lifestyle, not a goal. 

So, here's what's saving my life in Fitness right now:

1. Temple Challenge. Anyone who knows me at all should have guessed this would be number one on my list. Temple Challenge is a six-month fitness program comprised of 60-minute workouts designed to work the entire body. It combines cardio with strength-training and you never do the same workout twice. It's offered in nine locations and there are over 40 classes per week in the Mid-Ohio Valley. It has literally changed my life. I'm in my fourth round of TC and to date, have lost 30+ lbs and over 15 inches. But more importantly, I've gained confidence in my body, muscle, and the best of friends! I encourage anyone around the Mid-Ohio Valley to check out the Temple Challenge website and to try it! 

2. Non-weight related goals. I lost most of the weight in the first two rounds of Temple Challenge. In the past year, I've been pretty much the same weight consistently, but I've been gaining muscle. My goals for 2018 have nothing to do with what number is on the scale. A few of my goals include:

  • Reducing my body fat percentage (there's a really great tool available to anyone locally called Fit3D that helps you measure this and so many other things!)
  • Be able to do 50 standard push-ups in one set (currently at 30)
  • Be able to do 5 pull-ups (currently at 2)
  • Run a half-marathon in 2018 (currently at 7 miles for my max)

I think having non-weight related goals is great because if I can do these things and I still gain a pound or two, I haven't failed at all. 

3. Setting 90-day goals. I listened to a great podcast by Tsh Oxenreider on setting quarterly goals and I loved the idea. Instead of looking at the whole year, I set some goals to accomplish before March 31st. This seems manageable and if I don't quite make it, I can re-group and set another one for the next 90 days. Genius. 

4. Following fitness-related hash-tags on Instagram.  In general, I've been very intentional about spending less time on social media (I'll have more on that one in my personal growth post). But, I love following hash-tags on Instagram. I started following #whole30 and my feed is full of healthy recipes, instead of celebrities on their latest vacation. I'm not actively doing Whole30 but I love all the food inspiration and it's a great reminder of what I should be eating. Find a hashtag that inspires you and your fitness goal and follow it! 

5. Accountability. Last but not least, I have to give a shout out to my friends! We have a little chat group where we confess our worst eating habits, ask each other who is working out and when, and check-in when someone doesn't show up. We also share our workouts via our Apple Watches (my unofficial #6 in this list for sure) and when I see someone else has completed their rings, well, I better get my butt in gear. Find someone who encourages you and keeps you accountable! 

There you have it! That's what's saving my life in fitness right now! Leave me a comment and tell me what's saving your life! And check back next week for What's Saving My Life Part 3: Faith. 

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