Before and After: Gerber Ortho Studies

Before and after..png

Well, there's nothing like preaching to clients that they need to keep their blogs updated and then realizing how far behind my own blog was! I've been keeping really busy with clients so far in 2018 which is my excuse for neglecting my own work! 

But, today was a great day as we launched a brand-new website for Gerber Ortho Studies! So let's dive into a before/after look at the new website.


Gerber old screenshot.png


The previous website was outdated and difficult for the staff to update. The navigation was cluttered and made the user experience overwhelming at times. It was not mobile-responsive which presented a major issue for busy dentists who often need information on the go. The website was also not consistent with the company's brand standards.

In talking with the Gerber Ortho team, their primary goal was to encourage the user to enroll in a course. The new website was created to push the user toward this goal with multiple opportunities to register online and easily view the available courses. It was also identified that Dr. Jay Gerber was synonymous with the brand so his recognizable photo needed to be prominent on the site. 

A few highlights of the new site include:

  • A completely mobile-responsive site that looks great on desktops, iPads, and iPhones. 
  • A comprehensive course calendar that makes it easy for users to see upcoming courses, download agendas, and register online. 
  • A Vlog to house Dr. Jay Gerber's YouTube instructional videos
  • A quick-glance event summary on the home page for quick reference of upcoming events
  • Social proof in the form of testimonials from previous course attendees
Gerber Ortho Studies new website.png

This was a fun project and I might have even learned a thing or two about orthodontics in the process! 

You can view the full website at