5 easy ways to update your small business website for the holidays

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Like it or not, it's almost Halloween which means it's practically Christmas. We know this because have you been to Walmart lately? Christmas trees, lights, and holiday deals are already starting to sneak their way into everything we see, listen to, and read.  

If you're a small-business owner, it's definitely time to start prepping your website for the holidays. Savvy consumers are already online looking for deals, planning Christmas lists (I started mine this weekend), and bookmarking favorite sites. 

This is not the time to feel overwhelmed! All five of these are easy ways to update your website and things you can do right now that cost nothing other than a little time!


1. Add some holiday-themed photos to your website. 

By updating photos, you automatically give your website an update for return customers. Have some great customer photos from last Christmas? Add them! Have a good photo from your holiday party? Add them! Be sure to name your photos to help with your SEO, too! 

2. Update and feature your holiday hours.

Unless you are an exclusive online retailer, your customers want to know when they can shop. Be specific about your hours and make them easy to find. You may even want to put them in a few different places on your website. If you're planning to do some pop-up events, be sure to list where customers can find you, too! 

3. Write seasonal blog posts.

A good blog with relevant content that is updated weekly is one of the best ways to ensure your website makes Google happy! Get creative and feature some of your staff members' favorite holiday memories (or let them guest post). Feature a new product or service each week until Christmas and keep potential customers returning to see what you feature next. *Bonus - this gives you great content for cross-posting on social media, too!

4. Create a gift list for different occasions and offer it as a free download

This one takes a little time but could be your most valuable option. Take some time to create a gift list of ideas for different audiences (moms, dads, siblings, teachers, kids, etc.). Then, set it up as a free download in exchange for an email address. This way, your potential customers know exactly what to buy and you have a new email address to use for your marketing efforts throughout the holiday season. 

5. Update your business listing with Google

Way too many business owners are missing this step! It's simple and free! This simple article will walk you through, step by step, on making sure Google has your most updated information:


BONUS TIP! If you're a Squarespace user like all of my One Nine Design clients, use your announcement bar and/or Promotional Pop-Up to offer holiday deals and incentives. Get creative with it and watch your results in Squarespace Analytics! 

I hope these five simple ways to get your small-business website ready for the holidays have been a great resource to get you started! As always, if I can help you in any way, please let me know by reaching out to me on my website or sending me an email