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The best part about wrapping up a quarter is spending time deciding where to invest a portion of my profits. I've been partnering with Kiva for over a year and continue to be inspired by women entrepreneurs all over the world.

For my second quarter investment, I've chosen to lend to Georgina in Ghana. Here is a little of Georgina's story:

Georgina is 48 years of age and a single mother with four between the ages of 20 and 14. She sells assorted breads in the market and to passersby along the roadside of Accra. She has been doing this business for the past 13 years.

Her major challenge is limited funds to buy more bread from the bakery to sell.

With this loan she will be able to increase her working capital to enable her buy more bread to sell and distribute to the porridge sellers in and around the market. The profit will support her children in their education and enhance their living condition.

Georgina’s hope for her business in the future is to acquire a shop and an oven to bake the bread herself. 


Photo credit to Kiva

Photo credit to Kiva

For this particular borrower, Kiva has partnered with the Ghana Women Fund. Here's what the Kiva site says about the GWF:

Ghana Women Fund (GWF) offers water and sanitation loans to people in Ghana living in slums and informal settlements. The high density of unplanned houses in slum areas of Ghana makes it virtually impossible for the communities to have piped water connections or sanitary facilities. GWF’s water and sanitation loans are used to provide safe, clean and hygienic water and sanitation facilities that improve the health of the people living in these slum areas.

Ghana Women Fund identifies and trains entrepreneurs living in the slums who want to engage in water-related businesses. The loans offer micro-entrepreneurs, including secondary suppliers of water, food vendors, and other water and sanitation-related businesses an opportunity to improve their economic livelihood through increased income. While improving their own lives, the micro-entrepreneurs also bring cleaner water to the slum communities in Ghana where they live.

As always, I'm incredibly grateful to my clients who really make these loans possible! I'm committed to both supporting local small businesses and non-profits but also helping these women entrepreneurs around the world. Without consistent, loyal clients, I could do neither. 

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