The most under-utilized SEO opportunity on your website

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Keeping up with all the latest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips and tricks can feel overwhelming at times, especially to someone who is trying to simply keep their own website updated with current and strategic content. And while there are a million little ways that factoring in SEO tips will help you keep your website right where you want it (hint: Google page 1), there is one little tip that is *key* and often overlooked, or at the very least, under-utilized. 

What is it, you ask? Accurately titling your graphics. {you: Really? That's it?}

Yep. This one step can really help you up your Google game and it literally only takes 5-30 minutes, depending on how many photos you have on your website. Now, there are a few things to consider when you get started. 

1. Keep your photo titles short and concise. A good rule is to aim for 5-9 words at most. What should you try to include in those 5-9 words? I'm glad you asked!

2. What to include: 

  • The obvious: describe the photo. Who is it? What are they doing? The point of titling your photo is not SEO. The whole point is to help the reader who may not see the photo (for a number of reasons) know what they are missing. SEO is just the bonus!

  • The location: if possible, try to work this in. City and State, or county if you're in a rural area where counties are used more often.

  • Keywords: Let's expand on that in #3

3. Keywords are well, key. Keywords are those words that you *think* people are searching for when they are interested in trying to find you -  your type of service, your industry, etc. Now, a little side tangent here - you don't have to guess about keywords! If you're using Squarespace's nifty Analytics, you'll know exactly what people are searching to find you. Or, if you're using Google Analytics, you'll get the same type of information. {Want more info on this? Contact Me}

Now, when using your keywords in your photo titles, don't overdo it. Google is smart. If they figure out you're just putting random words in there to cheat the system, it will have the opposite effect. Be sure the keywords you choose to include are relevant to your photo. 

That's it. By using these three little tidbits of SEO gold, you're going to up your SEO game and have a much better shot at being found on Google. Try it out and start benchmarking your analytics to see what's working! And of course, come back and let me know how it works out. You can leave a comment here or find me over on Facebook, too! 

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