Sunday prep for the week ahead

Sunday is my almost favorite day of the week (Monday wins by just a smidge)! I love starting my day with worship at our church, I love getting to spend intentional time resting and hanging out with my family, and I love getting organized and prepped for the week ahead. 

I've always been the planning type but for years, I struggled with finding the right systems. I tried them all but rarely stuck with anything specific. I remember thinking that the Franklin Covey planner was going to CHANGE MY LIFE. I mean, how could you go wrong with the swanky leather case, the weekly refillable pages and that nifty little ruler/bookmark? And then there were the days of the Palm Pilot! Oh man, how I loved that thing. (I was the coolest, obviously!). 

Last year when I started One Nine Design, my systems really changed. All of a sudden, my calendar no longer revolved around 8a-5p. I had school activities to juggle, after-school pickup duties, volunteer gigs to manage, and business meetings all mixed in between meal prep and laundry. I don't remember how I discovered the Simplified Planner but the name was enough to intrigue me and on somewhat of a whim, I bought one. It has changed my system radically and helped me in so many ways.

The planners are as you might imagine, simple. There is a daily and weekly version (I used weekly all last year but I'm switching to daily this year). They are darling (new covers are releasing this Wednesday) and small enough to throw in your purse or work bag. I still use my iCal to share events with my husband and appointments that are going to affect people other than me. But, my planner becomes the primary place I write *all the things!* I keep track of meal planning, to-do lists, work appointments, deadlines, school reminders, etc. 

And one of my favorite parts is the Sunday prep checklist. Every Sunday, there's a pre-printed prep list that includes:

  • Plan meals for the week ahead (which means this is my grocery shop day, too!)
  • Tidy up for a clean slate on Monday (a little house pick-up and office clean up)
  • Write tasks/appointments for the week (I transfer anything from iCal to my planner and vice-versa)
  • Fill your "tank" and enjoy what matters most (self-care, family time, etc.)
Floral planner image.jpg

This planner really helps me keep my life organized and when I'm organized, I feel better about everything. I know this sounds like a sponsored post but it's really not! I just believe in this planner so much and want others to know about it! Plus, they've launched a great new program where I can give you a discount code - yay!

If you use this link to purchase a planner, you can save $10 off:

The new planners for the academic year (August - July) launch on Wednesday and sometimes they sell out quickly so if you're interested in getting one, I'd set a reminder to hop online at 10am and purchase! You can look at all the products ahead of time at or visit their Facebook page for lots of helpful videos and product listings! 

If you decide to get one, let me know which cover you pick! I'm choosing the Floral one but it was a hard decision! 

Happy Planning!