Four benefits to a single-page website and why it might be right for you

It probably comes as no surprise that one of the primary reasons non-profits and small businesses decide not to launch a new website (or to update their current website) is monetary. They simply can’t afford it. And listen, I get that. As a small business owner myself and a former non-profit executive, I have lived and breathed limited budgets for years.

Knowing this pain point has helped me work with several businesses and agencies to come up with a solution that both gives the client what they need and a product that works within their budget. So what’s the answer when your budget is small but your needs are big?

A single page website.

Sometimes referred to as a landing page, a single page website is typically a long-scrolling format and does not include a navigation bar or any other sub-pages. Exceptions can be made, of course, but the idea is to create a single page that is well organized and effective without the pressure of having to build (and create content for) multiple pages.

A single page website that makes a great first impression often includes the most important information about the business or non-profit and meaningful calls to action that inspire readers to do exactly what you want. It normally showcases photos (commonly in a gallery format) and can include brief descriptions of services or products, links to social media sites, and even a calendar summary. The options are endless and as long as sections are organized well, readers will benefit and find it easy to know what you expect them to do.

So who are single page websites suited for?

  • Non-profits with no current website that offer limited services

  • Non-profits that are volunteer-led with very few staffing resources to maintain a full site

  • Small businesses that do not offer online commerce but need to educate readers

  • Service providers that offer limited services which do not require in-depth explanations

This list could really go on and on because single page websites are an option for thousands of businesses and organizations. Benefits include:

  1. Easy updates with a limited amount of content

  2. Limited space means content must be concise and persuasive

  3. Preparation and launch time is a quick process (often 7 days or less)

  4. With the Squarespace platform, expansion is easy and often requires no additional investment. (some exceptions here for commerce sites)

Ritchie Seniors Single Page website.png

Most recently, I launched a single-page site for the Ritchie Senior Center in Ritchie County, WV. This grass-roots non-profit needed a professional online presence and a place to give a basic overview of their services to potential clients, without spending a fortune. The result? An informative, modern and mobile-responsive website that clearly defines their goals, services, and contact information. And while it was launched as a single-page site, they are already planning to add a few pages which will require no additional financial investment. (Squarespace allows unlimited page growth).

If you’re wondering if a single-page website might be right for you, I’d be happy to talk with you and explore your needs! Get in touch here on my website, over on my Facebook page, or over at Instagram.   

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