Email Marketing Strategy Sessions

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Even those of us with great websites understand that an effective, mobile-responsive website is not enough when it comes to telling our small business or nonprofit story well. Great digital marketing is made up of several moving parts, including your website, social media channels, and all the ways you choose to communicate with your specific audience, including email.

Email marketing is perhaps one of the most under-utilized tools in our toolkit today. Unlike our social media channels, we have complete control over getting the right message to the right person at the right time when we use email marketing as a part of our story-telling strategy.

If you’re ready to incorporate email marketing into your overall strategies to grow your business or increase the impact of your nonprofit, an email strategy session may be right for you!

Each one-on-one strategy session includes:

✓ A planning call to talk through your specific situation, understand your goals and challenges, and map out a plan

✓ A maximum of four hours of training (in person or via Skype) to plan out your next email marketing campaign

✓ Complete setup of a MailChimp email account including importing your contact list, setting up segments or tags, designing up to two email templates, and helping you plan to measure and track results. (Constant Contact is an option, too!)

✓ A 30-day and 60-day follow-up to see how things are going

✓ Plus, access to video walkthroughs of each part of the setup process to refer back to later

If you’re ready to get rid of the overwhelm that comes with getting an email out to your list or tired of spending tons of time on emails that don’t seem to really work, schedule an email strategy session for 2019! I’m offering a limited number of sessions each month so that I can really give each client the one-on-one attention they need to start sending effective emails!


  • Time: You must be willing to invest your time in the strategy component of this service. These sessions will require your time to complete prep work ahead of the session and time to implement the plans we create. I anticipate an investment of 8-10 total hours during this process, spread over the course of two weeks.

  • Money: The cost for a personalized, email strategy session (including all of the services listed above) is $499. (Payment plans are available for nonprofits. Additional charges for mileage may occur for clients outside of a reasonable travel distance.)

Think about it: What is your time worth? Imagine the work you could do on the activities you enjoy if your email marketing plan was mapped out for you, scheduled in advance, and automated to help you keep regular communications on track with very little effort. By making the investment now into a strategy that works, you’ll see the impact of your investment in less time than you think!

To get started on your email marketing strategy, schedule a Discovery Call to make sure this service is right for you! If we decide to work together, we’ll schedule your session and you’ll be on your way to sending great emails that turn visitors into customers and followers into donors in no time!