Frequently Asked Questions

New projects, especially new websites, can be a little intimidating. I try my best to walk you through the process and answer questions along the way! But, below are a few of the questions I've been asked the most. If your question isn't covered, please send me an email and I'll be happy to answer any concerns you have!

Why do you use Squarespace?

After working with several different platforms over the past ten years, I have found Squarespace to out perform all other platforms, by far. For my specific niche (non-profits and small businesses), I also find Squarespace to be the easiest for clients to manage on their own. If you've used a computer, you can work with Squarespace to easily edit your own site and add your own flare! 

With Squarespace, there are no software updates to manage, no plug-ins needed and no need to pay for third-party apps. Everything you need is included! And with over half of all website users now accessing your website from a mobile device, Squarespace's mobile-responsive designs always adjust to the user's device! 

You can see a little more info about Squarespace over on my website package page!

How can you help me with my SEO?

Every Squarespace website is equipped with all the elements needed for a strong SEO strategy. Site descriptions, page titles, custom URLs, search-friendly formatting, and other key elements are all easily managed. I put special effort into ensuring your keywords are included strategically on your website (without being obnoxious) and give you advice about all kinds of ways to become BFFs with Google! Already have a website and need help with your SEO? Check out my SEO Strategy Package!

Will my site look like everyone else's?

Squarespace helps designers by providing a wide variety of templates to get the site started. However, the templates are only a guide and allow for thousands of ways to customize your site. I provide a free consultation with every client to ensure I understand the look and feel you want to see in your site. You can be as involved as you want to be in the design process all the way from start to finish. I also guarantee that no two One Nine Design sites will look exactly the same, and always include custom coding to give your website a design that makes it stand out among the rest!  

Why are your prices so low?

When I launched my business in early 2017, I knew one thing for sure. I would never forget what it felt like to be on the other side. For nearly 20 years, I've served in the nonprofit world so believe me when I say I understand the words "tight budget." In my work as a United Way Director, I worked with many nonprofits that would have benefited from a professional website but simply couldn't afford it. And now, as a small business owner, I think the same principles apply. I started this business with this audience in mind -- to deliver a beautiful, professional product at an affordable rate that will help others accomplish their mission of serving others.

Simply put, I don't believe you have to charge exorbitant rates for good work.  I believe in doing good work for the right reasons and making sure those who need me most can afford it. 

What are the ongoing costs of a Squarespace website?

One of my favorite parts about using Squarespace is the fee structure. With One Nine Design, you pay one design fee only. You are billed separately for your domain and you pay a flat, annual fee for hosting. There are no monthly costs and no ongoing fees for site maintenance. After all, once your site is completed, it's transferred to you and you're in charge! You can get an idea of what Squarespace fees are by checking out their Pricing page.

Will I own the website once it's finished and can I edit the site myself? 

Yes and yes! Once we have walked through our "launch party," I transfer complete ownership of the website to the client. Clients have the option of keeping me as an Editor of the site to make changes, however, that is not required. 

All website packages include a two hour training on how to maintain and edit your new website. Written documentation for common updates is also provided. Additionally, you'll have access to Squarespace Support 24/7 which is just amazing! You can see more about my website design process over on the website package page.

Can you help me write content for my site?

Yes! Part of what makes One Nine Design unique is my background in both nonprofit and for-profit industries and my years of experience (and love for) writing! During the initial consultation, we'll discuss which content from a previous site you want to keep (if any) and what new content needs developed! Telling your story well is just as important as your design. A small fee for copywriting is charged.

Can I test the website before it goes live?

Yes! When the site is ready for you to review, you will receive an invitation to become an Author of the site. This gives you full access to explore the site, share with others, and do a complete test before it goes live. 

How long does it take to get my new site live?

It depends. If you are moving an existing site to Squarespace and we're re-designing, the average project takes 14-28 working days. If we are creating a brand-new site, the project time can range from 21-60 days. In the initial discovery call, we'll decide on a timeline together! 

Can you help me find a new domain name or transfer an existing one? 

Sure! When you choose One Nine Design, you'll receive your new domain name FREE for one year (typical annual cost is between $20-$50). If you need help moving an existing domain name to a new site, I can also help you with that. I have experience working with HostGator, GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc. 

Why is the business named One Nine Design?

Joshua 1:9 literally saved my life. In the darkest period of my life and a period of severe depression, I opened the bible to Joshua 1:9 and discovered a truth that would set me on a new path for the rest of my life. This verse reminded me that no matter where I went (and for a girl who has moved more than 10 times, that was a big deal) God would be with me. But in that promise, He also required that I be "strong and courageous," that I not be discouraged and that I not be fearful. 

I named my business after this verse so that I would always be reminded of those principles and promises. 

What else do I need to know? 

One Nine Design was created for the small shop. If you think you can't afford a website, ask me first before you decide for good. If you'd like a review of your current site, ask me. If you just want to talk through whether or not you need a website, that's great too! I started this business because:

1. It took me 30+ years to work out that God gave me gifts and I am accountable to Him for how I use them. And I find great joy in using those gifts to help others. 

2. Life is too short to do anything just because it pleases others or because others think you should.

3. I believe that first impressions can make or break us as organizations or businesses.