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Helping small business and nonprofit leaders tell their story well

I created One Nine Design with small business and nonprofit leaders in mind. There was clearly a gap in the market when it came to professional website design that was also affordable and enabled the clients to have control over their own website. I sought to create a product that would fit this specific niche market and give them confidence in their digital space. My Squarespace website package has been wildly popular and nearly every week, I hear from a client about how much they still love their new website!

Please note that my first available time slot is January 2020 — 2019 is officially booked!
Plan ahead! Schedule a discovery call today and find out how to book your time slot!

So how does creating a new website with One Nine Design work?

All websites are mobile-responsive and look great on any device!

All websites are mobile-responsive and look great on any device!

I follow a three-step process with every client.

The first step is to schedule a discovery call so we can discuss your project! If you’re ready to get serious about a new website, schedule your call now!

If we decide that I’m the right fit for you (shocker: I’m not always!), I send you a contract and invoice for a deposit. When those are completed, I add your project to my calendar and send you a project timeline.

Next comes your client homework which means you put together all of the content and photos/video you want on your website. If you need help with that, I offer additional content writing services for a small fee.

Then, I design your site, send you a link to review (you get three rounds of revisions), we agree on a final site, and schedule a 90-minute training and launch!

Upon final payment, I transfer ownership of the site over to you and it’s all yours! You own it, you manage it, you love it. (If you need help with updates, I offer those services, too!)

What’s included in your website package?

Up to 10 pages (add-ons are available), plus:

✔️Mobile responsive design

✔️Custom design unique to your business

✔️Assistance with domain connection (site security certificate is included when you register your domain with Squarespace!)

✔️Integration with social media sites

✔️Easy to manage platform with complete ownership of your own website

✔️20% off first year of the Squarespace subscription

✔️Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

✔️Detailed built-in website analytics

✔️Training videos

✔️24/7 support from Squarespace

✔️A local resource when you need it

Why should I choose One Nine Design?

I created One Nine Design for the small shop to find the balance between professional branding and breaking the budget. My services focus around building modern and functional websites, designing email marketing campaigns, and a little of everything in between. I’m also committed to investing a portion of every dollar I earn in nonprofits doing impactful work. I have 20 years of design, writing, and relationship building experience and I use every bit of that experience to guide you through what should be a fun process! I live in the Mid-Ohio Valley with my husband and two boys and serve as a board member for Habitat for Humanity of the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Why do you use Squarespace?

I have experience in creating and maintaining websites using WordPress, Drupal, Wix, Weebly, and a handful of others that are no longer in business. By far, I’ve had the best user + admin + customer service experience with Squarespace. Naturally, I want to give my clients something they can learn easily and feel confident to update whenever they need it, without having to pay someone to make simple updates! Plus….

✔️All templates have built-in responsive designs so your website will always look great on any device and have BFF status with Google since great SEO is built right into the platform design.

✔️With Squarespace you never need to worry about potentially harmful plugins that break or slow down your website or remembering to run updates. Nobody has time for that!

✔️ Your site has unlimited growth potential. Add unlimited pages, upgrade to a commerce plan, add calendars, blogs, photos, videos -- pretty much anything you can think of!

✔️ Squarespace automatically backs up your site multiple times a day and in multiple online spaces. But, if you accidentally delete a page, you can restore it immediately without even contacting Squarespace.

✔️I’m a local gal and if you need help, you don’t have to press 1 or listen to awful hold music. Just give me a call, text me, or email me for an answer within 24 hours. Plus, Squarespace's friendly and efficient 24/7 support is included in your annual subscription.

✔️It’s seriously so easy to update. Make quick changes to text, photos, links or any other content from any computer or even on their brand-new app.

If Squarespace is so easy to use, why do I need to hire you? Can’t I do it myself?

You could do it yourself. Lots of people do. And it’s true that it’s sometimes referred to as a “drag and drop” platform for amateurs.

I believe a designer is the best choice for a few reasons:

✔️Your time is valuable. While you could create the site yourself, you’re spending time doing something other than what you probably love (working with clients, running a nonprofit, talking with customers, etc.) Plus, it’s going to take the average person twice as long to do simple tasks simply because they are new. And time = money

✔️Because I’ve designed so many websites, I pretty much know exactly which template can do which thing. Often people waste a ton of time trying to get the look they want because they didn’t start with the right framework.

✔️All sites are not created equal. Some industries need specific types of navigation, color schemes, typography, images, etc. The user experience is vitally important to the success of your site and if web design isn’t your main thing, your users are going to notice. Thoughtful design, considering many UX factors, and building sites that Google is going to love is my thing!

✔️A great designer is going to take your goals and build a site that converts visitors to customers or donors. I have a wide array of resources to help nonprofits and small businesses integrate really great features into their website that make it unique AND effective. This goes way beyond being able to drag and drop.

Great, but what’s it going to cost me?

Every client receives a customized quote based on the features they request, the volume of content, etc. However, because I know everyone wants a ballpark price range, the following prices are a starting point and cover the one-time cost of design and setup:

Small business websites start at $1,500

Nonprofit websites start at $1,000

Additional charges would include the domain registration (typically $20/year) and the Squarespace subscription (typically $216/year). However, my clients do receive 20% off their first-year AND a year free of domain registration if registering a brand-new site.

Where can I see examples of your work?

I have included some of my recent work over on my Portfolio page. This is not all of my work but it will give you a glimpse into my style of design. And disclaimer: my clients have full rights to change their site any way they want after I hand it over. So how their website looks now may not reflect how it was originally designed.

What do your clients say about you?

Okay, no one really asks this question but here are some of the nice things my clients have said about working with me :)

What is step one?

The first step is to schedule a discovery call so we can discuss your project and see if we’re a good fit to work together! If you’re ready to get serious about a new website, schedule your call now! My schedule for new websites is full until January 2020.

Have a question I didn’t answer? Just want to talk your project through with someone? Not sure if you can save your current website with some updates or need to start fresh? I’d be happy to talk with you! Give me a call or send me a message! Plus, I’m really social so you can find me at all the places — Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn